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Extend Equipment Life
Increased life-span of water using appliances and equipment
Ultrapure & High-Purity Solutions
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Save Time and Money
Reduced labor, utility maintenance and cleaning costs
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Commercial applications for water treatment

Hospitality Food & Beverage Healthcare Labs & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing & Farming Commercial & Facilities


In the hospitality industry, water quality is key for guest satisfaction and facility management. From ensuring clean drinking water in guest rooms and keeping linens softer and brighter to maintaining pristine swimming pools and spas, effective water solutions like Culligan’s water softening and reverse osmosis water systems are essential to the success of your business.

Food & Beverage

Water quality impacts product safety, taste and overall quality. From food and beverage preparation to equipment sanitation, filtered water is key. Customizable Culligan water treatment solutions are essential for compliance with regulatory standards, safeguarding consumer health, maintaining product consistency and creating a standard of excellence for your business.


High-purity water is critical for patient care, medical or dental procedures and facility sanitation. Whether it’s for drinking, sterilization or dialysis, water purity impacts patient care and regulatory compliance. Culligan’s tailored water treatment solutions like reverse osmosis or deionized water, ultrapure or ultraviolet water adhere to strict water requirements for healthcare facilities.

Labs & Pharmaceuticals

Laboratories and pharmaceutical industries rely on ultrapure water to ensure bacteria and other contaminants don’t interfere with research, development and manufacturing. Culligan’s industry-leading water treatment solutions, like deionization, advanced water filtration and ultraviolet purification, can help to maintain the accuracy and integrity of your results and products while meeting high safety standards.

Manufacturing & Farming

Water is essential for many processes in the manufacturing and farming industries, from cooling machinery to irrigating crops. Culligan’s effective water treatment solutions, like large-capacity water softening systems, reverse osmosis and ultrapure water, carbon filtration, and ultraviolet disinfection systems can optimize those processes while minimizing environmental impact. You will also see the impact on your bottom line with improved performance of water-using appliances.

Commercial & Facilities

From office buildings and schools to car washes and garden nurseries, your business requires high-quality water to get the job done. Culligan’s customizable water treatment solutions, such as water softening, water filtration and deionization can reduce operating costs while improving the overall water quality for employees, customers, and guests.

Condominium community case study

Chapman Commons, Garden Grove, CA
Problem: Chapman Commons was experiencing hard water issues throughout the complex, which was increasing maintenance costs and repairs for the boiler systems. Homeowners were also being impacted, with hard to remove spots and film, and water using appliances breaking down.
Solution: Culligan® installed three Hi-Flo® 3e Triplex Progressive Flow Metered Softening Systems that successfully eliminated scale buildup in pipes and boiler tubes. The Progressive Flow feature allowed the system to add additional tanks as water usage increased. In addition, Culligan® installed brine reclaim units that dramatically reduced the amount of salt required by the softeners, enabling Chapman Commons to operate at improved efficiency.
Results: Chapman Commons saw immediate results in performance, productivity and cost savings. Along with eliminating scale build up in boiler tubes and pipes, the Culligan® solution created improved efficiency of water usage by going online as the flow rate increased, saving them 41,366 gallons per year. Additionally, the brine reclaim systems reduced salt consumption by one third, saving them more than $2,700 a year.

The Culligan advantage

Global Network
Local water experts that are part of a group of 800+ dealers in 90+ countries
Water Treatment Experts
In-house certified service technicians to install and maintain your systems
Industry-leading Technology
Products with patented technology, designed to outperform the competition
Certified Quality
Water quality that meets EPA, FDA, USDA and state guidelines
Customized Solutions
Affordable, large-capacity water systems designed and built for your specific water needs
The Culligan Guarantee
Belief in our products, backed by extensive warranties

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