Under the Sink Water Filtration Systems

Reducing common contaminants found
in tap water in your home or office

A Culligan Winnipeg Under the Sink Filtration System uses reverse osmosis to remove contaminants and ensure you have better tasting and safer water.

From sediment to harmful contaminants, there are a number of things that can be floating in your tap water without your knowledge.

Some contaminants can cause your water to produce a rotten egg smell or taste off, while others can be harmful to your health over time.

Reverse osmosis is a process that pushes water through a semipermeable membrane filter. The membrane allows water to pass through, but not impurities or contaminants, which are then flushed down the drain. water is better, safer water that reduces your exposure to contaminants. It's even better than bottled water- although bottled water is filtered, it may still contain certain minerals and contaminants. A reverse osmosis system can help remove 99% of contaminants commonly found in tap water.

Benefits of Culligan Under the Sink Water Filtration Systems

  • With higher-quality water right from your tap, you can use fewer plastic water bottles and help cut down on CO2 emissions
  • The tankless reverse osmosis system reviews your water quality and automatically checks for leaks so you don't have to
  • With smart sensors built into the system, our Under the Sink Water Filter Systems can immediately notify you if any issues are detected
  • With auto-cleaning, leak detection with automatic water shut-off and filter monitoring, the system can save you money on operating costs saves space and can be conveniently installed in all different types of locations, giving you flexibility
  • Free up valuable refrigerator space from pitchers and bottled water with Under the Sink Water Filter Systems
  • You can opt to connect filtered water to household appliances like the coffee machine and icemaker so you can enjoy top-quality beverages

With three different options working to reduce impurities in your water, you'll taste the difference in your coffee, tea and soups.

Culligan Aquasential Tankless RO Drinking Water Filtration System

The high-quality water you want with the space-saving design your home needs.

The Culligan® Aquasential™ Tankless Reverse Osmosis (RO) System provides better water when and where you need it, without taking up extra space. This efficient system instantly filters water to deliver a continuous supply when you need it most.

  • Provides real-time feedback on the quality of your water and the health of your tankless RO system.
  • Reduces total dissolved solids and particulates in your water by 95%.
  • Provides over 600 gallons per day of cleaner, safer drinking water.


Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Most Efficient Reverse Osmosis System Available

Access an unlimited supply of cleaner, safer, better-tasting water right from the tap with our smart RO. The smart features let you track your water consumption and monitor your system anytime, from anywhere. The Aquasential® Smart RO is highly customizable to address the unique content of your home's water, making it one of the best home water filtration systems available.

Aquasential® Smart RO Drinking Water System Owner's Guide

AC-30 Good Water Machine Under Sink Water Filtration System

Triple water filtration that gives you cleaner, better-tasting water.

The AC-30 Under Sink Water Filtration System uses three advanced filtration methods, including reverse osmosis technology to reduce contaminants that make tap water taste and smell unusual. The AC-30 includes:

  • A compact design that fits under your sink to save you space.
  • A three-part filtration system that works to reduce sediment and other impurities to consistently freshen your water.
  • An elegant faucet that's available in a chrome, brushed nickel or white finish.


ClearLink PRO Home Under Sink Water Filter Wireless Accessory

Enjoy filtered, cleaner drinking water at your command.

Wirelessly connects with your under-sink water filter system - eliminating the need to drill through countertops or sacrifice soap dispensers that traditional RO systems may require.

ClearLink PRO lets you switch between unfiltered and filtered water with the touch of a button.

The under-sink water filter accessory comes with an easy-to-read filter life gauge.


Culligan Connect App

Culligan now offers the Culligan Connect app, linking your phone to data from your Culligan High-Efficiency Water Softener. This allows you to access real-time information on water usage and salt levels and send you alerts for unexpected changes in flow, saving time and money.

  • Track your daily water usage, financial savings and even your environmental impact.
  • Monitor contaminants that are being removed from your tap water.
  • Receive notifications when it's time to change your filters.

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