Total Home Water Treatment System

Total Home Water Treatment System

Experience the convenience of whole-house filtration that enhances water taste and quality, while improving efficiency and performance throughout your home.

A better home begins with cleaner water from every faucet

Culligan Total Home Water Treatment System

Installed at your home's water source, Culligan Total Home enhances water from every faucet and tap, providing an all-in-one solution built to handle the unique water needs of your home.


Culligan Total Home Water System

The most complete water softening and filtration system for the entire home:

  • Enjoy clean, filtered, soft water at every tap in the house
  • Whole-house filter technology thoroughly cleans your water
  • Save salt, water, and money over the life of your softener
  • Reduce rust and dirty water stains
  • Certified by the Water Quality Association


The Total Home Water System offers an extensive range of exclusive features

  • Non-corrosive control valve designed to deliver years of reliable service
  • ACCUSOFT® Microprocessor offers worry-free operation of your whole-house filter, even in power outages
  • Dubl-Safe brine refill valve provides peace of mind during refill
  • CUL-FLO-VALV® makes operation easy
  • Guest Cycle recharge option generates an extra supply of filtered water with the touch of a button
  • CULLEX® resin provides maximum capacity, stability, and long-lasting operation
  • Quadra-Hull® Tank delivers dependable operation thanks to multiple layers of construction
  • High-grade quartz underbedding distributes water evenly, maximizing water flow

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