Salt Delivery Service

Salt Delivery Service

Skip the heavy lifting and scheduling headaches with simple click-or-call salt delivery from Culligan.

Salt delivery that takes care of itself

Culligan Salt Delivery Service

Enjoy automatic salt deliveries for your water treatment system, and join our Privilege Program to receive a maintenance check along with each visit.


Culligan Salt Delivery Service - available for all brands of water softeners

  • Get convenient, regularly scheduled salt deliveries
  • Salt delivery requests can be fully automated when using a Culligan HE system, which can "call" your Culligan Man automatically when salt is needed
  • Ensure that your system has the right type of salt
  • Let your Culligan Man lug and lift heavy salt bags
  • Save time and the hassle of buying salt

*Because Culligan dealers are independently operated, programs and participation may vary.

Less Stress

Culligan Salt Delivery Service - available for all brands of water softeners

Prescheduled deliveries save you the trouble of remembering every time your softening system needs attention.

Better Results

Better results with Culligan Water Softener Salt

The right salt for your system means efficient water softening you can count on.


With the Culligan Salt Service program, your Culligan Man will provide

  • Regularly scheduled salt delivery
  • Proper refill of your water softener salt tank with the proper grade and type of salt
  • Comprehensive performance and maintenance check of your entire water softener unit
  • Basic maintenance to your water softener unit

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