Office Water Coolers

Office Water Coolers

Always fresh, always the right temperature - water that's ready when you and your employees are.

That rule that eight glasses a day is only good if your water is too. Get pure, clean drinking water that has that great bottled water taste from Culligan. See our wide selection of Water coolers.

Office Bottled Water Coolers

Office bottled water coolers provide easy access to Culligan water, whenever you and your employees need it. If you want better-tasting water, there's a Culligan office water cooler solution.

Are you sick of hauling giant packages of single serve water bottles from the grocery store? Culligan makes your life easier with bottled water delivery to your home or office. Now you can look forward to drinking great-tasting, filtered water without all the hassle.

The delivery process is easy and just takes a minute to set up

  1. Contact your local Culligan dealer to set up your system and first water delivery
  2. Decide on a water delivery schedule that fits your needs. Your local Culligan Dealer can help you with this as well as answer any questions you may have
  3. Enjoy the convenience of endless, clean, better-tasting Culligan bottled water at home or work
  4. Relax. When your water bottles are empty, your Culligan dealer will return on your designated delivery day and exchange them for full water bottles

With a bottled water cooler, Culligan has the right solution for you to get started on your path to drinking 8 glasses a day.

Benefits of A Bottled Water Cooler

  • Offers varied water temperature settings - Hot, cool, and cold
  • Helps free up space on kitchen/office counters - bottled water coolers take up less than one square foot
  • Provides various styles - Easily match your water cooler to your décor
  • Worry-free maintenance - You Culligan Dealer will periodically clean & sanitize your water cooler before or after a delivery

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