Industrial Membrane Solutions

Industrial Membrane Solutions

Develop a complete solution with multi-stage filtration

This revolutionary series of multi-stage filtration products can improve energy efficiency, reduce chemical costs and consumption, and considerably reduce the formation of scale in equipment. This is achieved by reducing turbidity, suspended solids, and organic substances.

Membranes can be customized to meet your exact requirements for a variety of applications. Available in capacities up to hundreds of gallons of water per minute, membranes provide superior results for all applications as part of the complete Culligan solution.


Micro-filters reduce turbidity and solids, conditioning the water for disinfection and reverse osmosis.

Consult a Culligan Engineer to get more information on Micro-Filters.


Ultra-filters further reduce turbidity and remove high molecular weight dissolved substances.

Consult a Culligan Engineer to get more information on Ultra-filters.


Nano-filters remove dissolved constituents and multivalent ions.

Consult a Culligan Engineer to get more information on Nano-filters.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is an advanced level of filtration, where pressurized water passes through a semi-permeable membrane to separate dissolved substances from the water permeate. RO is the most effective barrier to salts, micro-contaminants, and organic substances such as viruses and bacteria, making it ideal for applications where high-purity water is needed.

Find out the benefits & applications of RO.

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