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Culligan Winnipeg recognizes the importance of community and the impact businesses can have on individuals and organizations. Culligan Winnipeg is proud to be sponsors of many area non-profit groups and are happy to deliver products and services for a good cause.

Culligan's goal is to build the notion that social responsibility is a must and inform community members about local businesses that give back so that they can patronize them more frequently and support the community by bringing together local business leaders.

This goal is accomplished when Culligan Winnipeg partners with local area non-profit groups both online and offline. As Culligan Dealers donate time, money, and products to organizations the organizations highlight this gesture by adding the Culligan Community Partner Badge (pictured above) to their website. This lets patrons know that that organization is a Culligan Community Partner.

60 Years Culligan Winnipeg - Culligan Community Partner

If you are an organization looking to partner with Culligan Winnipeg we ask you to please contact us using our contact page.

Recent Community Support

October 31, 2017

Snow and high winds on Thursday knocked out power around lake of the woods including shoal lake 29.

Early Sunday morning, after several days with no power or water and concerned about the areas elders and students, school principal Christine Chan headed out to find key supplies.

We connected late that morning through a mutual friend (thank you Liz Bilton) and an hour later Christine was back on the road home, her vehicle weighed down with as many bottles of Culligan as we could fit. It was great to be able to help someone, literally going the extra mile to help her community and to make a new old friend.

Christine and I actually graduated from high school the same year although from different schools (Fort Richmond Colligate & Vincent Massey) and we had a few minutes to reminisce about some mutual school friends. Hello Shauna Fenton, Tammy Windmill, Tony Ward, Nick Ziffarelli!

Thank you Christine for setting a great example of leadership & caring for your community as well thank you for bringing back some good high school memories!

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