Commercial Water Filters

Commercial Water Filters

Develop a complete solution with one of the most advanced filters

Businesses around the globe use advanced Culligan filters, so that high-quality water is provided to process equipment. Using innovative technologies, such as Progressive Flow and Smart Controllers, Culligan filters improve the overall efficiency of equipment while making the most of your resources.

Culligan offers a range of tank sizes and materials, as well as three media options for complete customization:

  • Cullar® Activated Carbon filters are durable filters that improve taste, as well as reduce chlorine, odor, and both high and low molecular weight organic compounds
  • Depth filters - which are composed of anthracite, sand, and garnet - retain solids as small as 10 microns
  • Iron filters use specialized media to filter and/or oxidize iron


  • Substantial cost savings
  • Food and beverage - superior taste and clarity
  • Reduced particulate matter
  • Increased efficiency from turbidity reduction


  • Grocery/retail - quality water for aesthetics and extend equipment life
  • Pre-treatment for RO systems, softeners, and DI systems
  • Light manufacturing processes - reduce particulate matter
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Vehicle wash - turbidity reduction
  • Drinking water systems - improved taste

Culligan Filter Products

Culligan Top Mount Filter

The Culligan® Top Mount (CTM) Series filter models use the latest control valve technology to offer superior flow rates with backwash capabilities up to 90 gallons per minute and long-lasting performance for commercial and industrial applications.

Culligan Top Mount Filter

HE 1.5 Filter

Suited for light commercial applications and pre-treatment for softeners and boilers, the HE 1.5 Filter reduces turbidity, chlorine, iron, and organics at a flow rate up to 36* gallons per minute.

Culligan HE 1.5 Filter

Skidded HE 1.5 Filter

Pre-wired and pre-piped systems are now available in multiple configurations and tank sizes with HE 1.5 Filter tanks.

Culligan Skidded HE 1.5 Filter

Hi-Flo® 42 Filter

Ideal for flow rates from 24 to 107* gallons per minute, the Hi-Flo® 42 Filter improves the efficiency of commercial processes by reducing turbidity in water.

Culligan Hi-Flo® 42 Filter

Skidded Hi-Flo® 42 Filter

Pre-wired and pre-piped systems are now available in multiple configurations and tank sizes with Hi-Flo® 42 Filter tanks.

Culligan Skidded Hi-Flo® 42 Filter

Hi-Flo xN® Filter

The Hi-Flo xN® Series features an "all plastic," DC Motor Driven valve, which offers improved reliability and ease of service. The Hi-Flo xN® Series is ideal for medium industrial processes requiring a continuous flow of 145* gallons per minute.

Culligan Hi-Flo xN® Filter

CSM™ Filter

This heavy-duty commercial filter provides high-quality water for flow rates up to 145* gallons per minute for commercial applications.

Culligan CSM%u2122 Filter

Skidded CSM™ Filter System

Pre-wired and pre-piped systems are now available in multiple configurations and tank sizes with CSM™ Filter tanks.

Culligan Skidded CSM%u2122 Filter System

OFSY Omni-Filtration Systems

Each OFSY model includes a pre-plumbed clarifier and filter in-series. When paired with the appropriate chemical treatment system the OFSY is great for removing high turbidity from surface waters at flow rates of up to 100 gallons per minute.

Culligan OFSY Omni-Filtration Systems

Hi-Flo® 50 Filter

This industrial filter reduces particulate matter and chlorine in water for flow rates up to 295* gallons per minute, making it an ideal component in an integrated water treatment solution.

Culligan Hi-Flo® 50 Filter

For every demand, there's an advanced filter solution

To make every drop of water and dollar count, Culligan Engineers recommend filters with Progressive Flow technology. This reliable feature allows your Culligan system to be sized to your exact needs - allowing for smaller systems to be used where high demand is periodic. For larger systems, Progressive Flow technology brings filters online and offline based on need, for increased cost-efficiency.

Businesses requiring consistent water quality use Culligan Smart Controllers and Progressive Flow technologies. These combined features utilize a series of sensors to monitor water treatment quality and performance. By constantly measuring quality and demand, your custom system can be appropriately and efficiently sized for your process needs, saving money upfront and in long-term maintenance.

*Peak (15 gpm/ft2 - 37 m3/hr/m2) - Very good quality effluent at specified flow. Increased pressure loss. Recommended for suspended solids loads < 300 ppm.

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