Chemical Feed Water Systems

Chemical Feed Water Systems

For water issues beyond the help of standard softening or filtration solutions, Culligan provides advanced treatments to address water with bigger problems.

Custom treatment solutions for problem water

From coagulation and pH imbalances to oxidation and corrosion issues, chemical feed systems from Culligan provide disinfection you can trust and effective solutions to ensure your water is not only cleaner, but better tasting.


Specifically designed in-home water treatment systems to meet your personal needs, the chemical feed system

  • Addresses a wide range of specific water issues
  • Is an excellent solution when standard problem-water solutions are not enough
  • Can complement an existing water softener or filtration solution
  • Requires regular monitoring and servicing to maintain performance
  • Great for problem well water


Chemical Feed Systems

  • Chemical feed systems may be used for disinfection, oxidation, coagulation, pH adjustment, and corrosion prevention
  • A chemical feed system can include one or more chemical feeders, a chemical storage tank, static mixer, contact or retention tank(s), and filter(s)
  • A wide variety of chemical feeders are available in the Culligan system. Outputs vary from as low as 0.2 gpd (gallons per day) up to 240 gpd. The size of the chemical feeder will vary depending on the application
  • Your local Culligan Man can size a chemical feed system to meet your water treatment needs

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