Bottle-Free Water Cooler Systems

Great tasting water
minus the water delivery and jugs!

Considering getting a water cooler for your home or office?

Culligan Winnipeg offers Culligan Bottle-Free Coolers in addition to our bottled water service. Culligan Bottle-Free Coolers, also known as bottleless water coolers, provide great-tasting water, cold and hot, minus the water delivery service and the jugs!

Your Culligan Bottle-Free Water Cooler can be installed almost anywhere in your home or office, so better water is always within reach.

Your local Culligan Winnipeg Water Expert will work with you to determine the type of cooler (countertop or free-standing cooler) and the best Culligan filtration system needed to make the water in your home taste great. He will deliver the coolers, install the coolers and the water filters, and then come out periodically to clean and sanitize the unit. You will never run out of Culligan water with a Culligan Bottle-Free cooler.

Benefits of Culligan Bottle-Free Water Coolers

  • Modern, free-standing design
  • Culligan Bottle-Free Coolers have energy saving mode and built in leak detection with automatic water shut off
  • Enjoy endless water without a delivery schedule
  • Free up storage space by eliminating the need for water bottles
  • Water is filtered on-site, so you will never run out of better-tasting drinking water
  • No more empty water jugs on the cooler waiting to be replaced
  • Reduce waste from single-serve water bottles
  • It provides a healthy alternative to sugary beverages, such as fruit juice and sodas
  • Multiple temp settings allows you to have access chilled or to make instant coffee, tea, or oatmeal

Specifications of the Culligan Bottle-Free Water Cooler

The Culligan Bottle-Free Water Cooler is designed to ensure:

Custom Water Filtration

Not only can you choose the type of water you want to dispense, but you can also customize your water filtration solution by choosing from the Sediment, Carbon, Reverse Osmosis and Total Defense Filters.


Culligan Bottle-Free Cooler has a sealed stainless-steel cold tank with a large compressor for faster recovery and can pour 4 gallons of cold water per hour. Units include a .4 gallon hot water tank and features an extra hot mode that delivers a temperature of 194°F.


Large drip tray with full alarm and built-in leak detection with automatic shut-off.

Countertop or Free Standing Options


Free Standing_Culligan-Bottle-Free-Water-Cooler-Brochure.pdf

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