Is Your Drinking Water Back-to-School Ready?

  • It's that time of year again. The kids are going back to school. So you're packing lunches, pencil-cases and backpacks. But don't forget this must-have item: quality drinking water.

    Did you know water impacts the brain just as much as it impacts muscles? Because of this, quality water plays an important part in each day. It helps kids stay hydrated so they can use more energy on learning, playing and growing.

    How Much Water Should Children Drink in a Day?

    The amount of water kids need in a day depends on a variety of things. First, their age. Second, their activity level. And third, the weather.

    Kids between the ages of one and three should consume roughly two to four cups of water every day. And kids between the ages of four and eight should drink at least five cups. When kids are nine to 13 years old, they should have around seven to eight cups in a day. And kids ages 14 and older should consume eight to 11 cups of quality water every day.

    When determining the amount of water required for your child, it's important to note their activity level. Kids who are active in sporting events, walking to or from school, or participating in other physical activities, should drink more water than non-active children.

    It is especially important to drink water after exercise. If your kids are running around, they should be drinking a few more cups of water once the activity is over. During the activity or exercise, they should drink smaller amounts of water to keep hydrated.

    High temperatures and humidity levels cause dehydration faster than cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels. So it's important to pay attention to the weather. And be sure your kids are drinking more water if it's hot and sticky outside.

    Why Water?

    Water makes up around 60 percent of the human body. And it helps keep the body functioning. That includes digesting food, absorbing nutrients and maintaining a healthy body temperature.

    Without water, the body becomes dehydrated. Dehydration causes the following symptoms: dry mouth, exhaustion, headaches, dry skin, muscle aches or soreness, constipation and dizziness.

    Sugary Drinks & Caffeine

    While the taste of soda and juice might be more appealing to kids, they're not the healthiest options. Popular sodas among kids contain anywhere from 39 grams of sugar to 46 grams of sugar per 12 oz.

    Caffeine is another chemical that kids are consuming in abundance. A study shows that 73 percent of kids consume caffeine in a day. In addition to soda, some kids are drinking coffee, which contains even higher levels of caffeine.

    Some of the negative effects of caffeine on children include increased heart rate, changes in blood pressure, jitteriness, nervousness, upset stomach and problems sleeping or concentrating.

    So while it's important to keep an eye on these drinks, it's just as important to make sure your kids are drinking enough water, too.

    How Much Water Is Consumed Away From Home?

    On average, kids spend between 6 hours and 30 minutes to 7 hours and 15 minutes in school in the United States. And the school year lasts between 175 and 182 days, depending on each state.

    So needless to say, kids spend a lot of time in school.

    One easy to way to provide your kids with cleaner drinking water is to get a Reverse Osmosis system for your home. A Reverse Osmosis filter reduces many commonly found chemical and biological contaminants in water.

    Because there are many different water problems, Culligan offers many different solutions. Another solution is to install a Culligan Water Filtration System.

    With this type of system the water enters a pre-filter, which removes larger particles, contaminants and impurities. Then the water is treated to reduce chlorine and chlorine-like contaminants. Finally a carbon filter catches any remaining impurities before the water reaches the faucet.


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