1. Water softeners can extend the life of your appliances - Significantly decrease scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, ensuring efficient operation and increasing their lifespan.

    2. They can make your towels soft without fabric softener
    3. They can help you reduce the time you spend cleaning
    4. Use less soap when bathing, laundering and cleaning, since soft water increases soap lather
    5. Water softeners will make your skin feel smoother
    6. Your hair will feel softer - Reduce sticky soap residue and film on hair

    7. Improves water flow and reduces scale deposits in your pipes
    8. If you have a water softener in the house, you can cross off buying salt and filling the tank, thanks to companies like Culligan Winnipeg that will maintain your soft water for you
    9. Water softeners can prevent hard water spots on glasses and dishes
    10. A High Efficiency Water Softener is up to 46% more efficient than other softeners - Lower energy consumption and cost by improving water flow in your pipes and reducing scale buildup in water heaters

    Interested in learning more?

    Visit the Culligan Winnipeg home water softening page or contact us anytime as we are happy to help.

  • Culligan Home Water Coolers

    Culligan water dispensers provide you with better Home drinking water

    Water cooler dispensers are the vehicle used in bringing Culligan water straight from the water bottle to your glass. Culligan water dispensers come in various styles and offer many benefits, so you can choose the perfect one for you and your family.

    • Optional Temperature Settings:
      By providing hot and cold settings, the filtered water in your water bottle travels through the water dispenser to provide water at your desired temperature - whether it's chilled for hydrating or hot for tea
    • Space Savers:
      Water dispensers take up less than one square foot of space so you are able to place it wherever it best serves your family or employees - whether it's the kitchen, den, or office break room
    • Select from Various Styles:
      Culligan water dispensers come in many different styles, so no matter where you place it, your water dispenser will fit in with your décor
    • Energy Efficient:
      Culligan offers several energy-efficient water dispensers. Contact your WinnipegCulligan Man to find out what options are available in your area
    • Low Maintenance:
      Once your water dispenser is installed, your Culligan Man can stop by your home or office to periodically clean and sanitize it to ensure you are receiving better water and to lengthen the lifespan of your unit
  • Certain types of water require advanced problem solving, like the technology available in our reverse osmosis filtration systems. Effective at removing impurities like sodium, chloride, fluoride, and other troublesome contaminants, reverse osmosis systems include point-of-entry installation that solves water problems many other filters cannot.

    Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids, such as salts are removed from a solution, such as water. This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semipermeable membrane. Ask your Culligan Man about our Office Reverse Osmosis Systems supplied by Culligan Water Winnipeg. Your #1 resource centre for Reverse Osmosis Solutions.

    ClearLink PRO™

    ClearLink PRO%u2122

    Filtered water, with the touch of a button

    Until now, installing a reverse osmosis system required a dedicated faucet, meaning drilling a hole or losing a soap dispenser. Now you can use your existing faucet to wash dishes or enjoy a glass of filtered water - all with the touch of a button.

    Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System

    Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System

    Filtered water, fresh from the faucet

    Customized to individual offices, experience the enhanced taste and performance of smart filtration that addresses the unique needs of your water type with Culligan Aqua-Cleer®.

    AC-30 Good Water Machine®

    AC-30 Good Water Machine®

    Triple water filtration. Cleaner water. Peace of mind

    The Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine® features three filtration methods. The first filter reduces sediment. The second is a reverse osmosis filter that limits barium, selenium, and other impurities. The third is a post-stage carbon filter that freshens your drinking water with the push of a button. And it's all in a system small enough to fit under your sink.

    Preferred Series Drinking Water Systems

    Filter in fresh-tasting water

    Proven water conditioning and advanced filtration from Culligan's Preferred Series Advanced Filtration System delivers cleaner, better-tasting drinking water right from your kitchen sink.

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